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JeWoo-Jeong, the CEO of FiveGT

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    This is JeWoo-Jeong, the CEO of FiveGT
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All of our employees at FiveGT have the philosophy and mission of "protecting the precious lives and property of the people” when developing products when we engage in all areas of work.

When working, all employees have the most Enjoyment and Passion with best Effort for Continuous Challenge for Creations, Based on Five Mottos, we will create a new corporate culture that always communicates with our customers.

Now, home security is emerging as an important issue, and biometric security market has entered the stage of non-contact face recognition technology is growing very much, Developed by FiveGT, the face recognition robot (Gfacebot), a new invention product based on Artificial Intelligence, Robot, and IoT fusion technology, is being supplied to global security companies, banks and apartment security markets.

The FiveGT face recognition security robot (Gfacebot) has been supplying to the new high-end apartment market in Korea, creating a new entrance culture that is responsible for security of IOT entrance security of individual households and communication of emotional communication between family members.

In the future, face recognition security robot Gfacebot will keep the door of every household. When the owner comes the device will open the door, and report and alarm off when a stranger comes, When parents come in, the robots will open the door to provide convenient and complete security, while creating new access culture that communicates emotionally with the family.
FiveGT aims to change the paradigm of security market by providing free-of-charge services that communicate with family and apartment owners through the Gfacebot Platform and free IoT security services. Through this, we plan to secure more than 10,000,000 households with IoT secure Gfacebot Platform subscribers globally.

FiveGT firmly leads the face recognition security robot market while preparing additional growth in active noice cancelling (ANC) business, AI Fire System, Engineering, and industrial design for continuous growth.

In particular, Active Noise Control is a field that uses technology to reduce noise, and the market is gradually growing in advanced countries, Five years ago, the company has expanded its market by introducing ANC technology to large corporations in Korea, and it is expected that the market will grow and contribute greatly to the sales and profits of the FiveGT in the future.

We look forward to your interest in the face recognition security robots business of FiveGT, and we are ready to respond immediately to your call anytime and anywhere.

Thank you.

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