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Face Recognition System

Face Recognition System

Gfacebot features


Gfacebot unique features

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convenient entry

Convenient access

  • Stand in front of the door and just look into the camera, and the door will automatically open.
  • Face Recognition security robot will recognize the registered family member and open within a second.
  • Human approachHuman approach
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  • Auto detectAuto detect
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  • Face identificationFace identification
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  • Door openDoor open
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  • Access log transfer to familyAccess log transfer to family
  • Face Recognition News
  • Face Recognition News

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Perfect security

Surveillance of crime is naturally performed, inducing the flow of outsiders‘ traffic to remain constant.
Environment capable of preventing crime in advance is created, reducing fear and anxiety of residents regarding crime and improving their quality of lives.

  • Intruder accessIntruder access
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  • Detection and Image TransferDetection and
    image transfer
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  • Intruder identificationIntruder identification
    with smart phone
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  • Emergency AlarmIntruder eradication
    with emergency alarm
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  • Photo TransmissionTransmission to
    the security guard
    and other member
  • Intruder
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

    CPTED (Crime prevention through environmental design)

    • Installing Face Recognition camera to prevent crimes
    • Stress-free outsider block
    • Real-time reaction using photo transfer of outsider
    • Trespass log for crime prevention / solve solitude senior problems

Remote door control

Remote door control

Control door access outside by sending face photos to your smartphone using the external visitor call function without additional equipment.

  • Visitor call function allows door control with smartphone from the outside
  • A photo of a visitor may be taken before being sent to the smartphone
  • The visitor may be confirmed with smartphone and double-checked with password
    • Visitor Call/Photo transfer


      Visitor call/Photo transfer

    • Management Server


      Management server

    • Visitor and Password Confirmation


      Visitor and password confirmation

Realization of IoT service through application

Realization of IoT service through Gfacebot application

  • Access log record
  • Selective receipt of message
  • Recording announcements and voice messages
Install Ufacekey App Install Ufacekey App


Install Gfacebot via Google Play or App Store, and Log in

Install Ufacekey App Install Ufacekey App


Check authentication success / failure log

Install Ufacekey App Install Ufacekey App


Visitor call function and remote door access

Single Elderly Solution

Single Elderly Solution

  • It provides a convenient access environment for old parents who would often forget their passwords.
  • Being able to hear the voice of the family every time a face is recognized makes you feel not alone and happy.
  • Being able to monitor whether your parents returned home enables you to handle emergency situations better.
Thinking Person

When parents forget the passcode and cannot go inside the house
they don’t wish to bother you and just wait for a long time.

What is needed to my family is

Gfacebot now.

You can show your loveto your parents

Gfaceboot Function diagram

Child Safety Solution

Child Safety Solution

  • Parents can work comfortably when checking your children return home safely via 'Gfacebot Smartphone App'
  • If robbers approach when entering, children can automatically notify the emergency to the family's smartphones immediately through an expressions change authentication
  • In addition, it is possible to automatically report the emergency situation to the security office/company it is linked to in advance.
Hidden Person

A scary stranger is in front of the house and your children
cannot go inside the house while waiting for mom to come

What is needed to my family is

Gfacebot now.

Takes a photo of the uninvited guests
in front of the house and makes an alarm.

Gfaceboot Emergency SituationDetection
Gfaceboot Emergency SituationDetection

Family Communication Solution

Family Communication Solution

  • Voice message recording featured IOT service serves a seamless communication medium among family.
  • It contributes to solving social problems through communication between family members and society, thereby creating a new access culture.
Fighting Person

Even family members living together under the same roof
are subject to misunderstanding due to lack of communication.

What is needed to my family is

Gfacebot now.

It is a shortcut to becoming a harmonious family.

Gfaceboot Communication


Gfacebot advantages



Quick recognition speed

  • make-up OK
  • glasses OK
  • hat OK
  • night OK
  • sub second authentication
  • contactless
  • easy registration


Perfect security

Crime prevention

  • automatic human body detection
  • night and day auto detection
  • automatic photo shooting
  • trespass face photo
  • remote sirens alarm
  • remote beacon


Security guarantee

Lost, copy prevention

  • infrared authentication
  • unduplicable authentication
  • photo-proof authentication
  • video-proof authentication
  • tempered glass


Family happiness

Parents, children

  • visitor photo check
  • voice service
  • message service
  • visitor verification
  • checking access time
  • remote access control


Cost reduction

Solution provision

  • Self-security
  • integration program provided
  • computer log save
  • program interlocking
  • work diligence management
  • drinking water management
  • access control
  • standard protocol provided


Operation support

Development support

  • KC Certification
  • Electromagnetic Test
  • Environmental Test
  • Output Port
  • TCP/IP
  • RS-485,232
  • USB-data

Non-contact culture reality

Realization of contactless culture

    • Happiness

      Protector of happiness Gfacebot!

    • Contactless authentication that only requires looking in the camera
    • Fast authentication speed of less than 1 second
    • Remote door open with smart phone interlock function
    • Security

      Security guard Gfacebot!

    • Photo and video-proof authentication
    • Keyless, freedom from crime due to password exposure
    • Real-time visitor check on smartphone
    • In case a mugger approaches while a resident enters the door, change in the facial expression of the resident will be confirmed and automatically reported as a potentially dangerous situation
    • Communication

      Communication guard Gfacebot!

    • Voice recording transfer through IoT service
    • Check parent-access to predict dangers

Stability and environmental testing

Reliability and environment Testing

  • Test Equipment
    • ESD (Electrostatic 10KVm 15KV)
    • Surge (6KN)
    • Power noise (600V)
    • Radiation noise (1.5KV)
    • EMI, EMC
    • KC Certification
  • Test Equipment
    • -10 °C ~ - 60 °C
    • Electric shock test
  • External ports and certificates

    External ports and certificates

    • RFID Card / NFC
    • TCP/IP port
    • RS-485
    • RS-232
    • Relay port
    • GPIO port
    • SD card