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Customer Support


  • QFace (head) is injured and unable to authenticate for a certain period of time

    A If there is any trauma to cover your face, you can use your card or password to enter the room until you recover.

  • QUnrecognizable after plastic surgery

    A Normal procedures may be certified, but re-registration is required if there is a significant change in facial shape, etc.

  • QForgetting password

    A Our driver has no choice but to go and cancel himself, and travel expenses will be incurred.

  • QPower failure situations

    A Make sure that the power plug is out of the outlet.

  • QUnable to enter menu

    A Check that the bracket and console are properly connected.

  • QCard authentication

    A Please check the type of card available and check the face registration and authentication process.

  • QAbnormal icd and camera screen (turning off)

    A Reboot the console or use the RESET switch to reset the console.

  • QFace recognition or registration is not working

    A First of all
    - Check for foreign substances in the protective glass area of the camera.
    - Please check face registration and certification procedures.
    - Check if the installation environment is suitable for the installation conditions.