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Active Noise Control

Active Noise Control



Let us introduce applications of active noise control technology.

    • Appliance Icon
      • Home Appliances
      • ANC reduces noises from home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens,
        air conditioners, kitchen hoods, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners so that improves product satisfaction.
    • It Icon
      • IT
      • ANC can be applied to earphone, headphone and other portable electronic devices
    • Construction Icon
      • Industry & Construction
      • ANC improves working environment in places like production/manufacturing facilities and construction sites.
    • Trans Icon
      • Transportation
      • ANC provides a comfort circumstance for passengers in transportation such as automobiles, subways and airplanes.
  • S-Fan90
  • S-Fan 90

    The S-Fan Demo is a generic silenced axial-fan equipped with hybrid (both active and passive) noise control means.

    This demo can be used to calibrate the S-Cube Development Kit (SCDK™) or to practice on systems where the mechanical medium and ANC components are already well defined. The Demo provides a good comparison between the passive noise reduction and hybrid noise reduction on a single system.

    Dimensions L=420mm, W=100mm, H=160mm
    Weight 5kg (Power adaptors ~0.5kg)
    Noise Reduction 12dB(A) Sound Power (3 Passive + 9 Active)
    Power adaptors ANC controller 12V/1.5A (Fan 7.5V, 9V, 12V/5A)

  • S-Cube Development Kit
  • S-Cube Development Kit

    The SCDK™ provides a do-it-yourself ANR development tool that can be used for the application of loud electronic equipment. Developers and engineers can leverage it to implement noise and vibration reduction. The controller unit integrates all the required function: Sound generator, equalization, amplification and the active adjustment processor. The controller is connected directly to the loudspeakers. The controller allows the designer to reduce up to 10dB reduction in addition to what the acoustic materials will diminish.

    SCDK™  Features:
    • dotBroadband noise reduction up to 10dB(A) beyond the reduction achieved by acoustic material.
    • dotAdaptable for both point-to-point and point-to zone ANC applications
    • dotIdeal for acoustic and vibration applications
    • dotReal-Time Adaptive Algorithms
    • dotSelf calibrating system
    • dotStandalone mode
    • dotUser-friendly, PC- Based USB interface for the calibration process
      • dotS-Cube™
      • dotSpeaker
      • dot2 Microphones
      • dotUSB cable
      • dotDC 12V adapter
      • dotInstallation CD
    • S-Cube Development Kit Components
  • Soundproof Cover of ANC
  • Soundproof Cover of ANC

    Reduction of generator noise during foundation work of new construction site

    • dotSoundproof Cover : Blocks the noise by covering the generator from all sides(It also has excellent visual effects).
    • dotInlet Duct: Controls the generator internal temperature from 40℃ to 50℃
    • dotANC Cooling system : Installs a high performance blower inside the soundproof cover to cool down the generator, and reduces noise from the blower using ANC technology(Maximum 15dB reduction).
    Measurement location Original noise Noise after installing apparatus
    10m x 1.5m (H) 67.9 dB (A) 61.7 dB (A) ▼ 6.2 dB (A)
    • Before
    • Before Installation Soundproof Cover of ANC
    • After
    • After Installation Soundproof Cover of ANC
    • Active noise control
      soundproof cover
  • Quite Server Rack
  • ARA(AcoustiRack™ Active)
    Quite Server Rack

    It is IT Solution of the function that it was optimized with perfect noise shielding and effective cooling efficiency.

    Code name ARA-23U ARA-41U
    Code ARA-A01 ARA-A02
    Unit 23U 41U
    Height 1,250mm 2,050mm
    Depth 1,100mm
    Wide 600mm
    • dotFor environment with inevitable noise
    Design Features
    • dotConvenience
      - With perfective soundproof(ISO 7779 the maximum 30dB reduction), it is a quiet and it guarantee a pleasant environment.
      - To load ASFT(Active Silencer Fan Tray) by Silentiumltd in Israel, it reduce noise also provide a distinguished cooling efficiency.
      - It is designed standard for IP54 designed by an airtight style structured.
      - The cable gone in and out through the top is designed safe and not to be disturbed.
      - Display units at inside frame.

    • dotEffectiveness
      - A sliding rail of server is available structure.
      - Basically, it designed to leveling foot and caster for a movement.

    • dotSafety
      - It was designed to load-rating of 1,000kg.
      - If necessary, an external grounding is possible through bus bar.
    • dotStandard : EIA-310 D/IEC-60297/DIN 41494
    • dotISO 7779, ISO 3744
    • dotClass of protection : IP 54
    • dotWarranty of quality : 1 year
    • dotIntellectual property
      Registered Utility model : 20-442879
  • ASFT, Active Silencer Fan Tray Server
  • ASFT(Active Silencer Fan Tray)

    The Active Silencer Fan Tray™ (ASFT™) is a fan drawer, designed for assisting ventilation by forcing air into and out of an enclosure, while preventing noise from escaping.
    The unit is lined with acoustic material and equipped with Silentium’s proprietary noise-cancelling technology which is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noise. When combined with unique high quality acoustic materials this product achieves unprecedented spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible spectrum.

    • dotUp to 30dB(A) broadband noise reduction
    • dotTwo dustproof fans (each 24VDC).
    • dot360 CFM per fan in free air, cumulative airflow is approximately 650CFM
    • dotSignificantly reduce the fan motor in approximately 20dBA & installed equipment noise in approximately 30dBA
    • dotAnti-vibration soft fan gasket
    • dotThermocouple fan speed control - the ASFT™ provides the customer with airflow control
    • dotDimensions: 4U, 830 L x 445 W mm (2.72 L x 1.46 W Ft)
    • dotGross Weight: 24Kg (52.9 Lb)
    • dotPSU: 24v, 220W
    • dotInput Socket: DC Connector
    • dotCE, FCC Compliance
    Noise measurement result

    Noise measurements results (3 inter IMF blade and HP c300 blade server Installation)

    Back door Front door ASFT Mode SwL (dBA) Remarks
    Open Open Off 84.1 Current (installed) server noise
    Close Open Off 82.6
    Close Close Normal 60 Total noise from rack
    Close Close Maximum 64.5 ASFT maximum operating noise
    • dotASFT maximum operation with three or more blade servers
    • dotCan be used when the intrinsic noise level is above 46dB (A)
    • dotLess than 65dB (A) even when the rack is mounted at the maximum
    • dot20-24dB (A) less noise due to noise level spectrum

Hearing Protection Ear-set

Hearing Protection Ear-set Using IoT-based ANC Technology
The ANC and voice filtering technology are added to the ear-set
to reduce noise and enable smooth communication.

  • Hearing Protection Ear-set
  • Automotive ANC System – Sound Design
  • Automotive ANC System – Sound Design

    • dotCreate new sound to control the ambiance in the vehicle.
    • dotNoise level reduction using ANC technology
    • dotProvide a comfort riding for passengers with sound designed for optimum comfort.(High-quality sound)
  • Automotive ANC System – HVAC
  • Automotive ANC System – HVAC

    • dotReduction of HVAC noise in vehicle
    • dotIt is possible to apply front HVAC, rear HVAC, etc.
  • Automotive ANC System – Headrest
  • Automotive ANC System – Headrest

    • dotReduces noises inside and outside the vehicle using the speakers on the door or the headrest
    • dotANC can reduce various noises such as road noises, engine noises, wind noises.