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Face Recognition System

Face Recognition System



Introducing GTFR-8000

  • GTFR-8000
  • GTFR-8000

    LTE module option available, the first wireless internet face recognition door lock integrated robot in Korea

    DOBOT(GTFR-8000), a face recognition robot made with Korean technology, is a state-of-the-art face recognition robot that can that allows one to authenticate by oneself. When a person stands in a face recognition robot, the face data is read by the infrared camera and compared with the face information stored in the inside. when the exact match is reached, the data is delivered to the door lock device. Once authentication is finished, the robot unlocks the door lock and allows your entrance. Password can be used through the keypad attached to the DOBOT, and data management and door control can be done remotely. Supporting VoIP for internal call, you can use the intercom function.

Features Details

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      • IoT technology converged smart home

        Enhance home security by integrating with home IoT devices such as WallPad or CCTV

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      • Convenient and quick use

        0.5~1 second face authentication after registration

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      • Security accidents prevention

        Unable to tamper and duplicate via photo and video to prevent security accidents

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      • CPTED (Crime prevention through environmental design)

        Induce psychological burden on being photographed, blocks crime in advance

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      • Visitor Confirmation

        Check unregistered visitor on smartphone screen

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      • Convenient access/ attendance management

        Integration with access control, attendance management, salary management. Various reports functions

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      • Hygienic contactless authentication method

        Stress-free disease-free contactless (as to fingerprints)

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      • Notification function

        In-house announcement through the screen

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      • Easy on-site management

        Convenient control for large work force and remote location

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      • Economical and efficient access control

        User-friendly system to integrate in-house Internet phone and key phone functions

      • Encryption Icon
      • System Encryption

        Data and personal information protection through DB and image file encryption

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      • Operates Integrated system operation

        Integrated management of existing user manager system and access authentication system

System Concept

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  • Next Generation Biometric Security System
  • Contactless authentication method, It is a faster and more convenient system than other biometric technologies such as fingerprint
    iris, and blood vessel, The state-of-the-art system is the most effective as the face itself remains as a log history.
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  • VoIP
  • Internet phone function using VoIP serves as an interphone for visitors
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  • Smartphone integration service
  • Supports access notification service through smartphone, In addition to being able to view visitor records in real time,
    Supports the remote access function after confirming the face of the outside user by using the call function.
  • Electric equipment
  • Independent model
  • Communication everywher with its LTE module
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  • Various interfaces
  • Provides various external interfaces such as TCP / IP, RS-485, RS-232, GPIO port.

Product Specifications

ITEM Description
CPU Cortex-A9 Quad Core Exynos4412 1.4GHz
OS Android 4.0
FLASH Emmc 4GB Flash
Camera CIS Dual Camera
COM I/O RS485, IEEE 802.11 b/g, ETHERNET 10/100Mbps
Security DUAL SAM Interface
Audio Mono
RFID Protocol ISO/IEC 14443A/B
Size TBD
Power 6W max. @ 12Vdc
Operating Temperature -10 ~ + 60 °C

Applicable Solutions