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Face Recognition System

Face Recognition System



Introducing FR-800ID
the face recognition security robot of ADTCaps access control system.

  • FR-800ID, Face Recognition Security Robot
  • FR-800ID, Face Recognition Security Robot
  • Human Face icon
  • Next Generation Biometric Security System
  • Contactless authentication method, It is a faster and more convenient system than other biometric technologies such as fingerprint
    iris, and blood vessel, The state-of-the-art system is the most effective as the face itself remains as a log history.
  • Human Face Chcek icon
  • Access and attendance management system
  • Easy installation and able to control access in standalone manner with wireless door lock and other lock devices, the device logs and saves images as history to deliver accurate attendance management function.
    Also, leaving photograph history of unauthorized visitor, it is effective for preventing crime. The device supports remote access function using call function to check the visitor's face
  • Phone Icon
  • Smartphone integration service
  • Supports access notification service through smartphone In addition to being able to view visitor records in real time,
    the device uses remote access function using call function to check the visitor's face.
  • Electric equipment
  • Integrated management program
  • Integrated management of multiple devices and users and remote device access and log check is possible with the provided integrated management program.
  • Router Icon
  • Various interfaces
  • Provides various external interfaces such as TCP / IP, RS-485, RS-232, GPIO port.

System Concept

FR-800ID System Concept